Fernlea NurseriesFernlea nurseries

Maltby le Marsh
LN13 0JP

Tel: 01507 450142
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Fernlea Nurseries A few words about Us

The nursery has been established for nearly fifty years, in the early days our land was away from the house and was used more for market garden crops, then early in 1954 land came up for sale near the house, This land was bought a mixture of several plots on one an old thatch cottage, pigsty, stack yard, glass house some buildings an old cottage garden a two acre low paddock has the rig and furrow used in the olden days for drainage and a four acre arable field with slope to the south also a meadow, carefully all of these features were brought together and in time developed as the present nursery, a lot of the old features have been left in place they do add charm and interest to what is now a thriving business.

What is my aim?

I want to grow young plants of good quality at a fair price so that the customer can expect the plants to be hardy and establish well in their garden without too many problems, To provide an interesting useful visit, The customer can browse at leisure through the nursery stock, ask questions about cultural aspects of plants or suitable varieties or queries often with a smile a satisfied customer is also a happy one.

Fernlea Nurseries Seasons

Fern Lea Nurseries Advice

Fern Lea Nurseries Flowers

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