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Maltby le Marsh ,Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire LN13 0JP

What do I grow?

Springtime I grow a large number of varieties of flowers for bedding out in borders flower beds patio tubs hanging baskets to name just a few Geranium, Fuchsias Petunia, buzzy Lizzie, lobelia nemesia, mesembryanthemum, mimulus antirrhinum, and lots more.


Young plants for hanging baskets for patio tubs pots for special planting schemes colour and foliage. Alpine and rock plants for rock garden border or alpine house.

Winter heather, Shrubs in many varieties some more unusual. I plant containers pots and hanging baskets also refill them, there are for sale a good number of ready made up instant patio tubs and baskets all ready to place in your garden and enjoy.


Pansey plants for sale

Summertime I sell my own tomatoes and salad crops to the passing visitors as well as flowering plants, shrubs, and patio tubs The front gardens are planted with all of the summer flowers for a pleasant walk round.

Autumn is the time for planting winter pansy, primulua, belles, forget-me-not, wallflower aubrietia, flowering bulbs, evergreens, shrubs, trees and heathers.

Winter, I have garden ornaments, Bird Baths, Gnomes, animals in stone to add a feature to catch the eye. A small garden shop with all kinds of sundries potting compost plant holders pots ornaments ideal Christmas gifts for the keen gardener. But it is a time of rest for the garden there are a few plants that will flower during mild spells ,but a time of quiet contemplation planning waiting for the longer days when the sun will again rise higher in the sky and warm the soil so that the cycle starts again. .

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